Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Prevention, simply put

Two guys walking on the opposite side of the road than Jess' truck, (which is parked out of the yard on the street) doesn't see us in the yard near the shrubs. They look to their rear and ahead. They think no one is watching. Slowly they meander over to the side of the road where Jess' truck is parked and lean into the window to "check out what's inside". I snap a picture of both of 'em.

"Why are you taking a picture of me?" young man wearing black pants down to his knees with half his butt and briefs hanging out the back asked.

"Ahh did I do that? I thought I was taking a picture of his truck, but since you were so close to it, now if anything goes missing, you, my man, are who we look for!"

I smile. They leave...mumbling...I don't think they will be back.

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