Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Too Sexy for Himself

Imagine a Pee-Wee Herman - a fella who couldn't get a date if he tried, short and small in stature, who probably is the fella in crumpled up jeans and shirt standing at the end of a bar in a nice country western dance hall where the other men have on starched jeans and shirts, cowboy hats, and boots -  near a woman's bathroom - getting a high or hard-on with each woman who goes in and out of the bathroom - thinking "she loves me".  He may get up enough courage to ask someone out, but that would probably be someone that would give him a fake phone number to call her back "some day".  He may try to over hear names of women, to seek them out.

Recently had a case where, my client, and I will refer to him as Pee-Wee didn't go to the bar, but scoured the internet for girls from his old high school where he graduated.  One 14 year (we will call her "J")  old responded. She never told him for several hours how old she was - her original facebook page said she was older than what she really was.

When you look at "J"'s facebook page, there are multiple "male dates" - she is a, now, 16 year old very active young lady who I am sure will once again entice an older male into things that will end up with him in prison as well.  "J" was a willing partner.  She even encouraged the conversations and willingly participated.  The law is such, that it does not hold her culpable.

They text each other.  He sent photos of his private parts - specifically his penis in stiff and limp positions.  He sent videos as they spoke of him having sex with himself; he told her and instructed her of what to do with herself.  She posted for him to see so that he could get aroused as well.

There were multiple photos - videos - texts - all sexually perverted in the "normal" person's mind.

Pee-Wee was arrested after "J" stopped and told an adult what was going on.   Once again, a parent did not have control over what their minor child/daughter was posting or to whom.

During the investigation, never once did the parents of Pee-Wee return a phone call.  Pee-Wee always wanted to be in control of every situation.  He sent this investigator on wild goose chases to locate  records that do not seem to have ever been legitimate.  He weaved a sad story of a childhood gone array.  He was, by his own admission to jailers and others incarcerated,  a "mama's boy".

Pee-Wee would "play" people - he had a zeal for wanting to control.

Pee-Wee took his plea bargain yesterday.  Thirty-eight count indictment in one county - two count indictment in another - he plead to three of them - the others will be part of a 1245 - all to run concurrently.  A 1245 is where he doesn't plead to all of the charges, but they are a part of the paperwork, which allows the prison system and especially the parole board to know that there were multiple counts.  He will be credited with time served.  He will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

After the plea he walked back into the holding area grinning from ear to ear.  He thinks he beat the system.  He thinks he will be able to have more "space" in prison.  He even tried to tell the guards how happy he was and about his case. The guard refused to listen.  But, I am sure the other inmates heard.   He has no clue and refuses to listen to what to expect.  He "knows it all, because others have told" him.

He is a slight 21 year old.  He will be someones punk or Bubba's best friend, if he survives prison.  I doubt very seriously that he will keep his mouth closed to even protect himself.  He thinks this will be a "picnic".

I am sure, now that the plea is over - that either his attorney or I will be hearing from his family - the after affects always come.

What I find really sad is so many young men feel lost upon graduation.  They have had little to no guidance in making adult decisions throughout their entire life.  It's as if they wake up and all of a sudden they are suppose to make adult decisions and have never been guided as to how to do that!

I also find sad that parents are not monitoring their kids on facebook and other social media.  The parents seem too busy in their own lives to know what is really going on.  And, I am sure, this will result in more and more teens being arrested or tried in courts for attempting sex, sexting, and other things that are illegal.

Where has society and families failed?  Where have we steered from raising good productive clean minded right-from-wrong Bible filled children?  Part of this entire case, I put squarely on failure in the homes.  Yes, we can train our children, but as long as the child - adult or not - is under your roof - YOU are responsible for your own home - your home - your rules.

I wish Pee-Wee a lot of luck during his tenure in prison and for the rest of his days.  He will have a very rough row to hoe.  Yesterday, I had ugly thoughts.  Yesterday, I didn't care what happened to him.  But, my spirit won't let me stay in that frame of mind - because deep down - God has this - God has this man's life in His hands - God's punishment is much more than what the State can ever mete out.  God has a plan....  I just hope Pee-Wee grows up fast and lives long enough to learn God's plan for him.