Friday, July 16, 2010

From out of a movie...

Not very often do I go to eat alone when I am out of town. But, today, I felt I needed something light. I knew I was meeting a friend later - needed a slight nap - which now doesn't appear that I am going to get.

As a typical tourist or stranger to an area, I drove around until I found something I thought would be good. Unfortunately the food wasn't great at all - but the entertainment or side line show was something out of a movie.

It's mid-afternoon on a hot sunny day in North Dallas. There are only 2 tables taken inside the restaurant. It suites me fine, as I don't want people around. I don't want to have to hear babies cry because they are tired or hear friends gossiping or whining. I just wanted quiet and food.

In the back - far right corner - sat a man - black pants, gray shirt, short salt and pepper colored hair, fair skinned, but not light. He wasn't Anglo. His conversation was so loud that if he were speaking in something other than Arabic or some similar language, anyone and everyone would've heard the conversation. At times, he appeared to get agitated. Then he would spit the words - as in a vile mood - other times, he would laugh aloud. A lot of papers, white in color and a newspaper are on top of the table.

Approximately 20 minutes, in walks another man, wearing a polo type tee-shirt,white with blue stripes, hanging way past the butt of his black jeans, white sneakers with red markings on them. Second man walks past the lady at the counter - directly to first man in the back. He sits down, briefly. A few seconds. First man gets off the phone. Second man picks up the newspaper that has now been folded from the table - says nothing - and walks out.

From my view, I can see around the corner. Second man gets out of sight of the front door, 3 gentlemen, both wearing dark suits, white shirts, red ties - put second man against the wall, cuff him. They walk out of my eye-sight.

First man places another call. He had just connected, evidently, and started talking when in walks 4 more gentlemen, dark suits, white shirts - ties. One of the larger guys of the four asks him to put the phone down. First guy does. Two others cuff first guy. Fourth gentleman puts everything that was on the table top in a large brown envelope - including the cell phone of first man.

Meanwhile, outside, a black suburban has pulled up - one gentleman goes to the back door behind the driver - one gentleman opens the door - cuffed subject is then put into the back seat. Another gentleman gets in beside him - to where gentleman is closest to the door.

No questions, no explanations! loved the mirrors inside that place. I got a ring side seat of it all.