Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Serving Citations

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why someone thinks that they are going to get away from the long arm of a Lady PI - that is Private Investigator - I will find you - no matter where you are - or perhaps I should say, I will give it my earnest effort - and should you tick me off along the way - well - that just makes me dig my high top Texas boots designed just for me - a little bit deeper into the ground.

Recently I was given 9 subpoenas to serve. "They are scattered" within three counties - so the attorney thought...

Nothing was easy. I still have 3 out to serve. One of them - we've learned - has a nickname (aka) of "Smellie Shellie". My vivid imagination conjured up all sorts of putried smells and ideas as to why and how she came by that name. I was initially going to give her the benefit of the doubt that she just didn't take a bath... HAHAHAHAHA ...... silly me.

One of the "girls" that I had already served a subpoena on says, "Oh Smellie works over at the truck stop there on the corner by the highway - you won't miss her." I figure, great, I'll catch her at work and this will be fast and sweet.

We rolled into the truck stop parking lot, my partner got out at the restaurant, went in and was told they didn't know her. Karon went on over to the store part and inquired with management if Shellie worked there. From my view in the car, I could see the manager going off - hands a waving - arms a flying in the air. Karon came back and said, "he says he don't know her." I said, "My turn."

I identified myself as a Private Investigator and explained who I was looking for. "Oooooh HER!" he says. I say, "yes"

It seems that Smellie Shellie didn't "work" for the truck stop but AT the truck stop. She is a gardner- you know the kind that goes ho-ing 24/7. She cultivates so to speak. Seems, the small town of Winnie Texas has fallen on tough economic times for girls in Smellie's field or line of work, thus she has now moved her (according to several sources) enterprise to more greener pastures - because someday she does hope to be able to have enough money to retire on - thus she moved 30 miles away to Beaumont - where she now (according to sources) works the truck stops in Beaumont and Vidor and is "rolling in the dough".

I cannot even imagine having a nickname of Smellie - much less what that truly means nor the persons who may want to help cultivate her garden with her - I do hope when I hand her the papers that I have Lysol handy - and I'll let her keep the pen she uses to sign her name...

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